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... a device constructed in this system is a modular chamotte stove building, a furnace and a storage mass in tile casing that combine many innovative constructional solutions.

It holds the European Certificate and displays exemplary exhaust emission rates according to environmental conditions of use. The system fulfils the requirements of PN-EN 15250:2009 norm that conforms to DIN Plus certification and fulfils the requirements of BImSchV emission control act. Product of Poland, holds the patent of the Republic of Poland.

We produce thermal energy in TermoKaust System

         A user should meet several important requirements in order to take advantage of a thermal energy source. Undoubtedly, such requirements include price of the device, its aesthetic appearance, technical parameters, work efficiency and many more. What determines the choice, if the economy and convenience of use manifest themselves after some time or remain unclear? As a rule, when we think of purchasing a fireplace or a stove, we often think of a heating system as a small fitting in the living room. Decisions are often made at the expense of what's most important to our wallets. That is a manner and quality of fuel combustion.  Besides outer aesthetic features, each system has its heart, which is a place where wood transforms into heat and heat emission occurs. The comfort of use and profitability of investment depend on the manner of combustion we choose.

     Purchase of a heating system is a commitment for several dozen years. In our opinion, convenience and economy of a long-term use are crucial, and the external appearance depends on particular taste and adjustment. We offer you such a system under the name TermoKaust, which fulfils all requirements of a modern device. It is based on ecological and traditional manner of thermal energy production that does not require any additional sources.

We hope that information contained on our website will help you choose and use storage wood-burning devices based on TermoKaust System!



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