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... a device constructed in this system is a modular chamotte stove building, a furnace and a storage mass in tile casing that combine many innovative constructional solutions.

It holds the European Certificate and displays exemplary exhaust emission rates according to environmental conditions of use. The system fulfils the requirements of PN-EN 15250:2009 norm that conforms to DIN Plus certification and fulfils the requirements of BImSchV emission control act. Product of Poland, holds the patent of the Republic of Poland.

 TermoKaust® is a brand of Kaflarnia Kafel-Kar company from Białystok - the producer of ceramic tiles. The brand was created to extend our offer by new products.

Our experience in stove-fitter's, heating and fireplace industry resulted in a product, which is a direct answer to the demand of the market.

We believe that this product will begin a new era of quality and ecological solutions that are made according to principles of furnace engineering, which are subject to all criteria of environmental regulations. We want to increase awareness of the purity of wood combustion.

We put quality and customer service first through making all aspects of construction, assembly and operation functional while taking into account purchase and maintenance costs. Our company designed all project, technical and construction solutions independently and with great care. Our products are intended for all customers, who appreciate traditional heat-accumulating manner of modern heating.

Someone wrote that "we are men of passions for ecological and efficient combustion from Białystok". There must be something in it. Work and determination of our company aim at achieving position on the market. We come from a good traditional craft, but we want to support it with modern design, production and sales technologies.

Our aim is to produce domestic heating industry solutions applying all innovations, which however take into account all its traditional characteristics. Order picking and pallet transport that reach every destination allow comprehensive domestic planning.

Our company and our production processes were described as “an exception to copies of West-European devices...” We want to make our creations a combination of Polish tradition and innovative, modern knowledge.




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