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... a device constructed in this system is a modular chamotte stove building, a furnace and a storage mass in tile casing that combine many innovative constructional solutions.

It holds the European Certificate and displays exemplary exhaust emission rates according to environmental conditions of use. The system fulfils the requirements of PN-EN 15250:2009 norm that conforms to DIN Plus certification and fulfils the requirements of BImSchV emission control act. Product of Poland, holds the patent of the Republic of Poland.


TermoKaust® chamotte storage heating stove is an ecological heating device driven by solid fuel. Its construction is based on reach stove-fitter's tradition of Poland. The construction of APSz12w device consists in assembling modular elements into a fireproof body of the stove. It is characterized by the three distinct features mounted in one device.

Firstly - the device is a stove, because thermal energy produced as a result of internal fuel combustion heats the walls of the furnace and goes outside. Emission of that heat is believed to be the healthiest, hypoallergenic and natural way of heating.

Secondly - the device is a chamotte furnace. Fuel combustion takes place inside. The system of chamber's modules and their fitting create interior architecture of the stove and its outer decorative part.

Thirdly - the device is a heat-accumulating mass, the ceramics used in its construction forms a fireproof material, which is commonly used for cumulating and buffering thermal energy. In this case, it is the A30t with increased density.

The weight of all elements amount to nearly 1000kg. In this construction, each kilogram of wood corresponds to about 100kg of the stove's weight during 2.5 hours of combustion and 12 hours of heating. Our experience and tests prove that increasing heat-accumulating mass to much may result in extended emission of heat as well as in longer heating time. It is better and easier to put some more wood into a warm stove than to wait in cold until its large mass would eventually begin to heat. Such situations discourage from using heat-accumulating solutions. Each heat-accumulating system aims at reaching the highest possible heating efficiency, which manifests itself through the fastest possible warming time.

The undeniable advantage of the TermoKaust® construction is the application of modules, which are directly heated by fire and streams of flue gas. What is more, the passes and chambers of the stove's operating space constitute a mass, which absorbs heat. Such a solution is common in tiled stoves, but rare in modular and systemic types of construction.

The device is an internal part of a tiled stove. This is an innovative solution on the market of stoves and furnaces. This is how we perceive modern stove-fitting. Controlled combustion process, safety and ecology. After series of tests at the Institute of Heat Engineering in Łódź, TermoKaust, as an ecological room heater, received the Certificate of Conformity and CE marking for compliance with Polish and European PN-EN 15250:2009 norm and for compliance with DIN Plus certification with three times lower rates of carbon monoxide emission than permissible levels. Fulfils the requirements of BlmSchV emission reduction act. Holds the patent of the Patent Office of Republic of Poland.


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