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... a device constructed in this system is a modular chamotte stove building, a furnace and a storage mass in tile casing that combine many innovative constructional solutions.

It holds the European Certificate and displays exemplary exhaust emission rates according to environmental conditions of use. The system fulfils the requirements of PN-EN 15250:2009 norm that conforms to DIN Plus certification and fulfils the requirements of BImSchV emission control act. Product of Poland, holds the patent of the Republic of Poland.

For whom is the stove?

For whom is our stove? Tiled wood-fired stoves are among the cheapest energy sources for living quarters. Taking into account space preparation, purchase costs, fuel storeroom and (most of all) the costs of fuel, the storage heating stove is becoming an alternative that offers attractive price and ease of maintenance. Of course, it is necessary to secure an appropriate quality of fuel and ensure correct operation. The produced energy is recommended for people, who suffer from an allergy to dust and unfavourable conditions, which may arise from convection heating.

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